Make Freeze Dried Skittles at Home: Fun & Easy

Freeze-Dried Skittles

Making freeze-dried Skittles at home is a fun and rewarding experience that goes way beyond just grabbing a bag at the store. It’s a chance to experiment with your favorite Skittle flavors or dream up your own unique combinations. Imagine a tropical Skittle mix with mango and kiwi, or a sour extravaganza! The possibilities are endless, and the satisfaction of enjoying your own homemade freeze-dried treats is unbeatable!

Overview of the Process

Making freeze dried Skittles at home is a straightforward process, but it does require some specialized equipment. The basic steps include gathering your materials, preparing the Skittles, freeze drying them, and then storing or using them in creative ways. The key to success is patience and attention to detail, ensuring each step is followed carefully to achieve the best results.

freeze dried skittle process

Gathering Materials

1. Essential Equipment

To start your freeze drying journey, you’ll need a few essential pieces of equipment.

  1. Freeze dryer
  2. Vacuum pump (if not included with your freeze dryer)
  3. Food-safe trays
  4. Airtight containers

It’s also helpful to have a digital scale to measure your Skittles accurately and ensure even drying.

2. Finding Quality Skittles

When it comes to selecting Skittles, quality matters. Opt for fresh Skittles that haven’t been sitting on the shelf for too long. The fresher the Skittles, the better they will freeze dry. You can find Skittles at most grocery stores or online. Consider trying different varieties and flavors to add some variety to your freeze dried snacks. Whether you go for the classic mix or a tropical twist, fresh and flavorful Skittles will give you the best end product.

freeze dried skittle Equipment

Preparing the Skittles

1. Cleaning and Sorting

Before you start freeze drying, it’s essential to clean and sort your Skittles. Although they come pre-packaged and typically clean, giving them a quick rinse can help remove any surface residue. Once cleaned, sort them by color or flavor if you prefer a more organized end product. Sorting isn’t necessary, but it can make the process more enjoyable and the final result visually appealing.

2. Prepping for Freeze Drying

Once your Skittles are clean and sorted, it’s time to prep them for the freeze dryer. Spread them evenly on your food-safe trays, ensuring they’re in a single layer and not overcrowded. Overlapping Skittles can lead to uneven drying, so take your time to space them out properly. This step is crucial for achieving that perfect crunch in your freeze dried Skittles.

freeze dried skittle prepping

The Freeze Drying Process

Setting Up the Machine

Setting up your freeze dryer is a straightforward process but requires some attention to detail. Start by ensuring your machine is clean and in good working condition. Place the prepared trays of Skittles into the freeze dryer and secure the door tightly. Depending on your machine’s model, you may need to adjust settings such as temperature and drying time. Refer to your machine’s manual for specific instructions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Initial Freezing: Begin by freezing the Skittles at a very low temperature. This step typically takes a few hours and is crucial for the freeze drying process.

2. Vacuum and Drying: Once the Skittles are frozen, the machine will create a vacuum and gradually increase the temperature. This causes the frozen water in the Skittles to sublimate, turning directly from ice to vapor.

3. Secondary Drying: After most of the moisture has been removed, the machine will enter a secondary drying phase to ensure all remaining water is extracted. This can take several more hours but is essential for that perfect crunchy texture.

4. Cooling Down: Finally, the machine will cool down, and your freeze dried Skittles will be ready to remove.

freeze dried skittle Process


1. Storing Freeze Dried Skittles

Once your Skittles are freeze dried, proper storage is key to maintaining their quality. Store them in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags to prevent moisture from getting in. Freeze dried Skittles can last for months or even years if stored correctly, making them a great option for long-term snacking or emergency supplies.

2. Creative Uses and Recipes

Freeze dried Skittles aren’t just for snacking straight out of the container. Get creative with your sweet treats! They can be used as toppings for ice cream, mixed into yogurt, or even baked into cookies for an extra burst of flavor. Try incorporating them into homemade trail mix or as a colorful garnish for cocktails and mocktails. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

By following these steps and tips, you’ll be well on your way to making delicious freeze dried Skittles at home. Enjoy the process and savor the sweet rewards of your DIY project!